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Half Baked…

…she concedes last poem was half-baked…next one will be more fully cooked…pulls out eraser…rubs large hole in paper. decides to forget about lofty thinking and just work off real emotion….scribble, scribble…. Advertisements

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Lightening Up

…some poems aren’t literary works…they’re just small bouts of truth… You wont read another poem from me about God or Jesus, or prophets or psalms; those were someone else’s myths, not mine. I don’t need divine intervention to tell me … Continue reading

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Today’s Like That

every now and then you’re just bumbling along and you stub your toe on something so good. better than finding a whole, unopened loaf of bread laying on top of a dumpster even. you know, just sitting there waiting for … Continue reading

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tiptoe ever so softly into my attic open old trunks and peek in but rummage gently there’s frailty and finery in there just waiting to be uncovered sleeping desires ready to be roused shy dreams to be aired let your … Continue reading

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Tungsten Carbide

Suddenly the equilibrium was smashed. Not a clean break either; a massive, destructive shattering. Pieces were everywhere.

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You Have No Idea

I might sneak into the neighbour’s garden one night and dig up all her onion bulbs and turn them upside down. If the cops drive by I’ll shove my flashlight into the muck so they don’t see it, then I’ll … Continue reading

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Expansion response to an earlier poem, Reduction… the world swallows some but i split open the universe wings cut through the sky tear it open and bend back time rake the stars into a pile then jump in and scatter … Continue reading

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