I Forgot You Then

The sun was sleeping
And her people too
A quiet unstirring
Disturbed only by
The lake water
Lapping against
The granite shore
A blip, a splash
An unsteady rhythm
Repeated infinitum
Carving and tumbling
The rocks
Softening their edges
Dragging grains of sand
From shore to inland sea
Lake ebbing and tugging
As if it were begging
All sorrows
To follow her seiche
To the ends of the flooded earth
Where only fish and water exist
Or swimming souls
Find their freedom

Shed the roots
Shed the dust
Shed what troubles

Water is the body
And in water
A body floats
Or so the ancient story goes
From a wet womb
We birthed
And to her
We shall return
Earthen memory washed clean
It matters not anyway

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