Those times that seem to sing
i was walking down the street one day and a leaf came twirling down from a tree – right in front of me. my hand darted out and grabbed it-reflex, more than thought. curious, i opened my fingers and there it was, just laying there in my palm, waiting for something. but what? and then i looked up, straight into the eye of the person walking toward me; a witness to my communion with leaf. in the three short steps until we passed one another that reckless leaf had reminded us of things done and not yet done, of dares and regrets and plans waylaid. of beauty and the not very beautiful, and how, if you let it, nature’s healing grace will always wash away despair. leaf lyric, leaf music, leaf song.

…speaking of songs, sometimes my words find their way into one, and thanks to the talent of some fine musicians, they get to be a part of something beautiful. most of the songs posted are rough takes, but thanks to the courtesy and humbleness of the talented musicians whose music has brought them to life, they’re here for you to enjoy. my thanks to greg hathaway and eric poxleitner for their musical grace…

Track 1=Wonder (Music/Vocals-Eric Poxleitner) Wonder Lyrics
Track 2=Shadows on the Wall (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 3=Seabird (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway/Guitar-Mark Cambpell/Drums-Eien Hunter-Ishikawa)
Track 4=Worlds Apart (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway|Guitar-Mark Cambpell|Drums-Eien Hunter-Ishikawa)
Track 5=Beautiful June (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway|Guitar-Mark Cambpell|Drums-Eien Hunter-Ishikawa)
Track 6=Little Song – rough demo (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway) Little Song Lyrics
Track 7=Sparrow’s Lament – rough demo (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway) Sparrow’s Lament Lyrics
Track 8=Burn Your Name – rough demo (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway) Burn Your Name Lyrics
Track 9=Food Chain (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway|Guitar-Mark Cambpell|Drums-Eien Hunter-Ishikawa)
Track 10=Forgotten ByTuesday v1 (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 11=Forgotten By Tuesday v2 (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway|Guitar-Mark Cambpell|Drums-Eien Hunter-Ishikawa)
Track 12=Anamnesis (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 13=Smoky Haze – rough demo (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 14=Forsythia – rough demo (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 15=Sweet Boy (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 16=In My Blood – rough demo (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 17=Made My Bed – rough demo (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 18=Softly (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)
Track 19=Crow – rough demo (Music/Vocals-Greg Hathaway)

All songs ©SOCAN/ASCAP


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