Blueberries and Gratitude

...sweeter with music & the mid-day sun...

I was picking blueberries in the sunshine today, and was swept away by a sudden burst of happiness. It was the sun on the ripening fruit, and the fact I was relaxing at home. But it was so much more too…my happiness high had a whole lot to do with gratitude and the music I was listening to at that moment.

Gratitude can be such an enormous experience, tender beyond belief and with a depth that is sometimes impossible to convey. I’ve been living in that place lately….so appreciative that I’m almost bursting with joy but at a loss for explaining. I received an amazing gift recently, and ever since I’ve been wondering just how there could ever be a thank you big enough to cover the honour I feel and the thanks I owe.

A very dear and exceptionally talented musician friend of mine, whom I know has precious little free time, spent hours writing and recording the music and vocals for some lyrics I had written. The resulting song is just beautiful, and I love it and the fact that he took such care to give musical voice and meaning to my lyrics.

I don’t have the words to adequately thank him or explain how much his musical collaboration means to me, so I’ll just let the song speak for me. It’s called Wonder by Eric Poxleitner…give a listen on my Lyrics page…I know you’ll love it too. It was recorded in his home studio; just imagine how his talent shines on a pro-recording.

Thanks Poxy…you’re the best!

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