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One day the ceiling of heaven Exploded Empyrean everywhere Feathers spackled the air And dead poets Somersaulted down Birds and words Fell over themselves Tumbled and jumbled Twinned and conflated Until even a discerning eye Couldn’t dissect one From the … Continue reading

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  children scrabble in the dust of Aleppo seek shelter in the shadows as if that could save them from another shelling their future underslung dangling from the belly of God by a loose thread and thinner hope than that

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The Little Things

          it isn’t dying i mind it’s just that i imagine when i do i’ll never again need to search for the words to describe just how that surface of cracked prairie mud baked hard in … Continue reading

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she blew in on a hurricane a designing whirling dervish she carved curves in concrete bent buildings with her will tore men from podiums broke steadfast barriers and rules she threw our cities into space and dragged us headlong into … Continue reading

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Upstairs neighbour throws another verb fit; Stomping, chomping up the silence, pounding her grandma’s chair through my ceiling. We turn up the heat to roast her out but there she goes snap, crackle popping against the rice paper walls. She’s … Continue reading

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Swallowed by the Stars

when we’re swallowed by the countless stars will our names twinkle in a velvety sky for a lifetime of nighttimes will we suspend there penumbra neither shadow nor light the ring of a sunspot but not quite the sun not … Continue reading

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Reaching for Remarkable: The Woods Are Alive!

This big, beautiful world is busting its seams with surprises…dizzying beauty, curious oddities, power-packed punches, the delicate and the delightful. This is my quest…my search for the unstoppable, insanely charming details of a magnificent planet and a people who never … Continue reading

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