Let me spill out my burdens
and leave them to lay quiet with
rotting logs under the damp forest canopy;
that they may decay and return
to this wholesome earth
the rank secrets embedded in them.
Precious sky, rain down on them
and wash them deep into the
heart of this dark earth.

What sweet relief, then,
to lay at last my useless carcass down
among leaves and stones and sins
where I belong.

Wind, churn and swirl
my detritus coffin;
hide my useless flesh
under roots and needles,
shielded at last from prying eyes
that honed my flaws
into sharp points,
taboo tools I now despise.

Let me be comforted by the
soft padding of animal footsteps
on the ground above me;
paws and hooves
replacing my heartbeat,
mashing my blood together
with lichen and fallen berries,
my run-off to collect and ferment
in the cloven impressions
left by unwitting forest vintners;
sacred drink may I become.

Grace, come to me at last
In forest heart,
In witches circle,
in midsummer.
Unholy women, drag my bones
from forest to field
and throw them on the fire
with branches of juniper.
Listen to their crackle
and come dance around me
with your Rowan crosses
and get drunk on me.
Pour me over your heads
and baptize your daughters
in my slippery cider too,
so that their burdens may slide
straight from slender shoulders
Into earths’ gentle arms,
not dragged along as mine were.

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One Response to Redemption

  1. zumpoems says:

    This is wonderful. One can smell the forest and the dirt. Lots of beauty in a fairly dark poem. Looks like you really worked on this to get it to flow very smoothly.

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