Today’s Like That

leaning into it

...leaning into it...

every now and then
you’re just bumbling along
and you stub your toe
on something so good.
better than finding
a whole, unopened
loaf of bread
laying on top
of a dumpster
you know,
just sitting there
waiting for
someone not so picky
to come along
and slather it with
peanut butter
and share it with
anyone and everyone.
today’s like that.
full of surprises.
things that growl.
things that make you weep,
like drinking tea
in living room with
that girl who
gets under your skin,
or songs you have to play
thirteen times
before you can
get them out of your head.
deft words
that stretch you
to the ripping point,
before God suddenly drops in
and the words let go
and snap!
you’re sprung back into shape.

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One Response to Today’s Like That

  1. zumpoems says:

    Another impressive poem! Thanks!

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