Reaching for Remarkable: The Woods Are Alive!


This big, beautiful world is busting its seams with surprises…dizzying beauty, curious oddities, power-packed punches, the delicate and the delightful. This is my quest…my search for the unstoppable, insanely charming details of a magnificent planet and a people who never cease to amaze. I call it Reaching for Remarkable.

This is Post #1: The Woods Are Alive. I stumbled on these painted stones on a wooded path along the river, near my home. The river and the stones mated; they made beautiful art together. The art spawned my haikus. Sshh…listen to the swish as they run through the trees…

Please leave these rocks for others to enjoy

roots are tucked in bed
rocks nestle snug between them
tiptoe as you pass

Jelly Belly

sweet treats from the trees
syrup and berries and sap
candy for the bears

Heart shaped rock

the world is a mess
a dizzy hurly burly
watch out for heartburn

Rock with eye painted on

branches age and fall
a thrashing, a loud crashing
forest caught off guard

Aligator shaped rock

mean alligators
lurk, waiting to eat your feet
lay each step with care

Tea Tree

it was so quiet
I stuttered to say a word
the trees got my tongue

Mick Jagger's Lips

i met Mick Jagger
in the most peculiar place
he’s no rolling stone

Eye looks at a heart

it must be a sign
vision and passion aligned
we’re on the right path

Snowman on Rocks

snowmen are so tough
they can look after themselves
watch out, here one comes

Take a staycation

take a stay-cation
beaches and orchards beckon
backyard paradise

Lego piece

houses and castles
dynasties and brave new worlds
building on my dreams

Bananas are like smiles

the best kind of food
isn’t in a plastic wrap
that’s why some fruit smiles

Green buzzwords

green is a buzz word
painted on everything real
but what does it mean

Eye of Sauron

the eye of Sauron
a menace in middle earth
has no power here

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