Guardian Ninja

...the story's in the feet...

…the proof is in the feet…

…luckily I had my blackberry with me the night I met a Ninja…

me: can you guess whose feet these are?
he: the feet of a ninja?
me: ha ha, close…but seriously, what do you think this foot photo means to me?
he: you bumped into a ninja and he let you take a photo of his feet?
me: no…the guy attached to those feet tapped me on the shoulder as i walked away from the bank machine in the train station, and said “ma’am, you forgot your money in the machine” and handed me the $200.00 I had just left behind
he: you don’t have a guardian angel, you have a guardian ninja…
me: yeah, I have to tell the world about him…
he: and so you took a picture of his feet?
me: his feet carried his heart to me…

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