Grief’s Gluttony

...where nothing will grow...

grief doesn’t stop to chew
it swallows happiness
in giant gulps that lay
a lump in its throat and
burn its stomach
long into the night

grief leaves you
so cracked and dry
you could just crumble and
blow away on the wind
it drinks every last drop of you
and calls for another round

grief wakes up miserable
and claws down
every last glimpse of hope
that stumbles on its path
get rid of that smile, it growls
before I smack it off your face

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3 Responses to Grief’s Gluttony

  1. Very picturesque description of how brutal grief can be sometimes.

  2. saffronsound says:

    Thank you for your kind comment on the poem Rebecca. Grief does deliver a brutal blow , doesn’t it? A hungry thing that gulps and bites and punches and leaves us with dull aches. Still……there’s always a david & goliath story somewhere near…

  3. irisoniris says:

    Rather heavy, but sometimes we need heavy. The claims are eloquent and very true.

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