...hammer it home...

When you want to drive a wedge in,
want to spit things apart,
you will use anything
you can get your hands on;
an argument, a misdirected word,
you’ll even hammer silence
down into the cracks.
And you won’t back down either;
wont stop cramming
and stuffing
accusations into the widening gap.

Differences will be hung
on the laundry line
for everyone one to see
and cluck their tongues at,
and if they weren’t already
you’ll be sure
to dial them up
and say “see?
it’s what I’ve been saying.”

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2 Responses to Wedged

  1. zumpoems says:

    Very true — so nicely presented!

  2. “you’ll even hammer silence
    down into the cracks.”

    such a brilliant image. like cramming air into a void xx

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