Pablo, In Need of Sugar

I, Pablo, In Search of Sugar

...with arms outstretched...

In the early morning half-light,
when briny dreams
have begun their ebb,
I search semi-sleep
for receding proof
of a Patagonian paradise
and the name of a man
I am sure was me,
if only for one night…

Through reincarnation
or dream trickery,
they called me Pablo Neruda.
Was it here I sat
to face the sun,
with arms outstretched
and ogling eyes,
adoring my Mathilda?

I have meandered the world,
enticing words from stones
and water from them too,
my body exploring
houses and forgotten rooms.
And too, the contents
of those same lost rooms
explored my body,
my mind, my soul; mast-heads
and glass floats
and strange bread-boxes
beseeching me.

When I ran out of world to wander
I made it bigger and bigger still.
Poems have no boundaries
no edges, no qualms
about exploring country-sides
or undersea grottoes.
My food grew in the garden
of it’s own accord
and neighbours brought the rest.
Arms laden with
bread and cheese and wine
and ready for another poem.

Did they know, do you think,
that mine was not the story but
theirs surely would be?
Later, long after
they had all gone home,
I appeared on their door-step.
sailor’s tin-cup in hand,
curiosity unbridled,
I feigned running out of sugar
just to get a peek at their parlour.

As the early morning half-light
wakes a sleeping world,
briny dreams are drawn to sea
and the tide
plucks away a poet
from the shore near my home.
On a boat in a bottle,
Pablo turns to face the sun;
it stakes its claim
on the Patagonian sky,
but his poems are
carried north where they
wrestle in the swells.

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One Response to Pablo, In Need of Sugar

  1. zumpoems says:

    Great to see you back on track with another truly excellent poem. Enjoyed this very much! Love the syncopated meter. “I search semi-sleep for receding proof” is so brilliant!

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