Baby Blue

Baby Blue

...even the grapes are shrouded...

He watched his baby grow
inside a heavenly body
that he’d loved
so well and tenderly;
it was a like game of
magical mystery fruit.
One day she was a grape,
now she’s a tiny mandarin,
and when she reached
the size of a grapefruit
he knew her name was
Ruby Blue.

He sang to her,
he sang to her,
he sang every song he knew.
He sang his heart,
he sang his heart,
for her momma too.

But it seems this world
in all it’s loveliness
was still too
grey for her…
And in the early hours
Of a changing day
Ruby Blue
surprised everyone she knew.
She threw herself,
sweet peel and all
right off the Umbilical Bridge.

Everyone knows
fruit can’t swim
and neither could
his baby blue,
even though
she’d spent
every day so far
floating in the salty water
of her mommy’s womb.

There’s a sadness now
in the every day;
it hangs off the
morning and
that tiny cross
around his neck.
Through the
motions he goes,
and through he gets,
yet he still can’t
bear to bring
oranges or
sweet mangoes,
not even a ripe papaya
into the home
of Ruby Blue.

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7 Responses to Baby Blue

  1. So strong and beautifully written.
    keep up the good work !
    I just posted a new poem. Hope you like it ! 🙂

  2. zumpoems says:

    That fact that you made this so full of pain yet detached and wistful, indicates your ability to communicate so well. That itaclized stanza is more than just a very nice effect, it evokes the feeling of being haunted.

    It’s worth mentioning how you took this up a level by stretching the reality with your word choice. Enough to say this is excellent, with wonderful, understated, yet strong, imagery. This poem works perfectly for me. Just excellent!

    • saffronsound says:

      so glad you think it worked! as you say, there was some stretching going on, and the comparison was definitely a bit of a risk, but it felt right too. this might become a song, i think…

  3. zumpoems says:

    (By the way, please consider being showcased at

    • saffronsound says:

      i read your post about it and it sounds fantastic…i’m going to make a point of it! you’ve got some great ideas that encourage writing and the showcasing of poetry! yay for that!

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