Ruby Red

Ruby Red

...Rubies are a girls' best friend...

There is nothing like a grapefruit
to cure a broken heart.
It’s ruby red juice
deluges the tongue,
gushes and swishes away
all the useless remnants of lust
that still make your mouth
go dry with desire
after all is said and done.
Its bitter acid
burns an escape hatch
in those sweet memories
that have you trapped in
your lover’s world.
Its vitamin explosion
blasts your neurons into action,
and suddenly you’re
running away from that disaster
as fast as you can,
determined to save your own skin
and heal your fractured parts.
A good grapefruit may not replace
the tenderness and understanding
of girlfriends and sisters,
but on the plus side,
it doesn’t lie
to make you feel better,
and it doesn’t say
they saw it coming or that
they’re glad it’s over;
grapefruit let you come
to your own conclusions.

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