Nothing is any good without you

Nothing is any good without you

can love even recognize itself?

Nothing is any good without you.
When I sleep,
my feet and my hands
search the sheets for yours
like restless nomads
wandering a desert dry as cotton.
When I read, my eyes stumble
over the words and
fall off the page.
They are old drunks
who stagger into ditches
after too much time at the pub
and wake up in the morning
soaking wet and crusted.
What were once my legs
are now two slumbering bears
curled up against my chest
dormant and heavy.
They have forgotten
how to walk,
how to run,
how to dance;
they hibernate this winter.
Nothing is any good without you.
I carry my weight in open palms
and lay smoldering coals
on my eyelids at dusk.
I sleep on sharpened spikes
and wade through bloody water.
I eat to live and live to die
and cut my throat
on old tin cans.
I play in abandoned cars in
forgotten junkyards
while the wind sings
songs of death and dying.
The clack and clatter
of their restless bones
comforts me at night
and jilted lovers
cry for me each spring.
In sleep I am made of
sticks and mud and strings
and my caked skin
dries and blows across fields.
I pile up against broken fences
that skirt barren fields
and my heart hangs on rusty barbs
like a wooly cattle rub.
My knees are raw and blistered,
and still I pick some more.
I dread the night but when I wake
with scabby knees
I fight with the morning sun
and banish street life to some
other lovers’ lane.
Nothing is any good without you.

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3 Responses to Nothing is any good without you

  1. oh wow, i love this! melancholy and memorable. i love the first stanza ezpecially. xx

  2. I love the imagery you used. The feelings you’ve described are so familiar to me.
    Peace to you,

  3. saffronsound says:

    thanks for the comments, and glad to know someone can relate. funny, how the absence of someone or soemthing can be felt so viscerally…

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