Refugee Prayer

Find safety in your heart dear ones
and under the skies that bind us.
Let hope draw your worn-weary spirit
along that perilous and uncertain journey.
Surely God’s plan is greatness for you.
Eyes crowded by pain and loss
may not believe, but I do;
those blistered maps on your feet
are clearer guides than any accord,
and every smile I crack
floats your possibility
to hearts and minds beyond.

And may your home sweet home
be wedged somewhere
in that jumbled sack of burdens you drag along,
protected like the precious cargo it is,
that when you arrive here on my doorstep
you can unpack it and feel that you belong.
May you rise each day
to the sun of your childhood,
walk the streets of your youth,
dine around a table of neighbours
and rest under the rafters where
your children once sang freely.

But more than this I wish for you
a simple gift of choice; to make your way
back to that precious land
that writes itself in your genes,
that warms your blood and bears
the sighs and scars of your family,
or maybe you’ll choose
to grow your life and love here with me.
But either way i surely believe
this life will shine
greatness down on you.

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