Home Skies

On Saturday mornings
When the jays come knocking at my window
And dreams of you are fresh in my eyes
I sit in the quiet comfort of another new beginning
With a mug of coffee and the news and my God.
This earth is my place
But it’s skies are my home
And it’s there where my heart
Finally learns how to love you for real.

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4 Responses to Home Skies

  1. beautiful poem. something so utterly tranquil about it. love love love 🙂 xx

  2. thepoxman says:

    Awesome poem!

    • saffronsound says:

      Thanks Poxman…really appreciate you taking the time to comment:) Started out as lyrics…turned into a poem…that’s what happens when you just let the love go where it will…

      • thepoxman says:

        so nicely done saffronsound….beautiful imageries and such a peaceful piece to read on the rest that comes in contemplating that dwelling place between here and the after-place…..so cool!

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