Saturday Afternoon

slug meal

even slugs have a bright side if you look for it

You know how it is when you fall asleep on the couch and wake up suddenly and realize you drooled all over the couch cushion? And just then the doorbell rings, so you stumble to the door with couch lines on your face, and you’re greeted by one of those over-zealous church-pamphlet types standing there smiling like she’s on Valium, and you think “oh great, it’s gonna be one of those weeks”. But then you notice she has the nicest blue eyes, so you smile and mumble something about having one of those already and gently shut the door, hoping you didn’t offend her too much.

So you make yourself a cup of coffee and try to rub Ikea off your face and start to wonder just how it is that your neighbour could love Leonard Cohen that much, and wander out to pick slugs off the plants again. And that’s when it hits you: life could simply not get any better than it is.

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