Sun & Sky

The sun doesn’t tire
of the wide-open sky.
It rises in the early morning
with the joy of a child,
runs rampant through the minutes
of each hour and each day,
and it stretches out the seconds
so that romance is prolonged.
It paints dreams at breaking dawn
and desire upon the dusk,
cries in it’s sleep
longing for a love that’s gone,
and when it wakes in the morning
it’s tears have blanketed the grass.The waves adore the shore
after all this time.
They hug her curves and run
their hands up her spine.
They smooth her bed
and run their fingers through her hair
and kiss her shoulders,
gently stroke her face,
they rub her back,
run a tongue up her thigh,
and they love with the intensity
of you and I…

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