When the tide recedes, a great pulling occurs.
Sea water and sand, ocean debris and fish
all drawn inexorably toward the centre and beyond.
The ebb of a great watery pendulum
swinging back and forth across the earth.
A circadian love affair
that drenches and swamps with briny promise
then snatches back again,
it’s unstoppable rhythm
ripping the clothes and skin
right off the land that dares to host it.
When the water pushes in
the beaches and cliffs revel in the richness,
beg for a lick, a caress of that salty tongue.
So overtaken, they lay themselves bare,
eager to be romanced by the sea.
But what a callous lover they meet,
that abruptly turns away each day.
It cares not for the heart it breaks
or the salt it scatters on the wind.
Just as quickly as it came
it rushes off to dance on other shores,
and as with so many dreamers before,
the land is teased, then left there in the lurch.

Tide Leaving

laying there naked

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